About our Hatchery


As well as collecting their eggs, we raise quail, hens and ducks to sell to visitors and anyone interested in keeping birds themselves. While the quail and ducks are a relatively new addition to the livestock here at Frenches Farm, I have personally been keeping chickens for many years. They are such wonderful birds, with remarkable characteristics, and are incredibly easy to manage.

It’s important for all new handlers to know that hens are territorial animals, and if a new chicken is introduced to the brood, it is always a good idea to place them in at night, rather than immediately expect them to put themselves to bed. This helps the other chickens accept the new arrival. Do not worry if it takes a few days for the new hen to get used to its surroundings – it will be accepted, and feel at home, in around a week.

Our Aylesbury ducks are by far our funniest animals. They all have such individual characters. They love their freedom on the farm and late in the evening when it is bedtime I can call them and they all come marching in a line to be put to bed.

Anna White, Frenches Farm


For more information on how we can help you start looking after your own quail, hens or ducks, contact us.

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