Quail's Eggs


“As a long-term event coordinator, I know that quail eggs are a staple of any good canapé platter, whether you’re hosting a dinner party for a few close friends or feeding 250 wedding guests. So, after leaving the catering industry, I decided start breeding the birds myself and ensure my own supply.

I started with a small selection of chicks, which in my home until they were old enough to go into their new home – an old shepherd’s hut with skylights, attached to a large run that my sons helped build.

It’s been a wonderful learning process, with a lot of research thrown in so we can look after the birds, manage their everyday needs and making sure they’re well protected from predators.

We take such good care of our quail here at Frenches Farm that the quality of their eggs speaks for itself. Each female lays approximately 300 per year.”

Anna White, Frenches Farm


Frenches Farm quail eggs are available to order online for delivery and collection, or you can buy these from Weyhill Farm Shop, Abbotts Ann Village Shop and St Mary Bourne Village shop who are all based in Hampshire.

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